Mon Space Group Blood Donation Campaign
Mon Space集团捐血运动

Datuk Seri Jessy Lai & Mon Space Group Asia for Pusat Darah Negara The National Blood Bank of Malaysia 2016 Blood Donation Campaign
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Mon Space Group Blood Donation Campaign

We love to glorify “heroes”—people who are able and willing to save lives of others; but do you know that almost every healthy adult can be a hero and save many lives? A short and almost painless procedure that you undergo can make the difference between life and death to another person. Recognising the importance of blood donation, Mon Space Group Asia and I organised a blood donation campaign in conjunction with Pusat Darah Negara (The National Blood Bank of Malaysia).

The event was participated by Malaysians of various ethnicities, religion, and age. Enthusiastic donors started streaming in to the venue as soon as the donation drive started. After answering some questions concerning their health and donation history, they filled up a form and underwent a quick physical check to ensure that each donor is healthy enough to give blood. I was impressed by how meticulous and kind the health workers were, carefully ensuring that all donors felt comfortable, and patiently answered every question. In total, 58 people registered at the event, out of which 50 people were eligible donors.

I want to take this opportunity to highlight the importance of blood donations. Despite medical and technological advances, there is currently no way to make blood, nor can we use any other substitute besides real human blood. Therefore, the only way to ensure blood supply at our hospitals is via blood donations.

Another reason why we need constant blood donation drives is that blood and its components have a limited life. Plasma can be stored for a year, red blood cell concentrates can be kept for 42 days, and platelets can be kept for only five days! Right now, Malaysia needs about four to five hundred units of blood per day.

The good news is, each donation can help up to three people. Apart from helping others, regular blood donors also receive benefits themselves:

  1. Anyone who donates more than 50 times is entitled to free outpatient treatment at any government hospital.
  2. Malaysians who donate twice in a year are entitled to a free Hepatitis B vaccine shot.
  3. Regular blood donors also enjoy free health screenings every six months
  4. Preserves cardiovascular health by promoting blood flow
  5. Reduces the risk of cancer by keeping your iron levels balanced
  6. Burns calories! People burn approximately 650 calories per donation of one pint of blood

Lastly, blood donations are also great reminders that deep down we are all the same. When truly in need, no one asks whether the blood they are receiving comes from a Malay, Chinese or Indian person. May this be a constant reminder to all of us to keep giving and caring, no matter who we are and who is in need of help.

Thank you to Pusat Darah Negara and everyone who made the blood donation drive a success.


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Mon Space集团举办捐血运动  呼吁民众踊跃捐血




因为意识到捐血的重要性,我与Mon Space集团为了履行企业社会责任( CSR programme,决定帮助国家中央血库(The National Blood Bank of Malaysia)主办一个捐血运动)






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