Mon Space’s new agarwood product

As consumers across the world become more and more health conscious, they are starting to pay more attention to their nutrition, exercise, and other ways to maintain well-being.

Health products sourced from natural sources are especially popular.

A year ago, Monspace taps into the market’s huge appetite for natural health products by developing a skincare and household item line made with naturally sourced wild agar-wood.we set up a new and modern factory, imported cutting edge technology and expertise to help develop and produce the products.

How much do you know about agarwood?

It is a plant used in traditional Chinese medicine to help with sleep, beauty, reduce flatulence, improve the digestive system, and reduce excess fat in the body. In traditional Malay medicine, it is used to help with arthritis, reduce body aches and fever.

We created lines of products made with agarwood, aloe vera, and pure coconut oil to help improve various skin problems.

It’s noteworthy that our products are made with naturally sourced wild agarwood, which means no pesticide or artificial fertiliser has been used. Compared to farmed agarwood, wild ones are significantly better in quality.
Moreover, we have also obtained certifications including ISO 9001, ISO 2000, and halal recognition.

There is also a counter set up in our factory, so any members who visits would be able to try out and purchase the agarwood products.


Mon Space集团洞察天然保养大趋,研发沉香木为主的天然美容产品,大力推广天然保养之道。对于这项研发计划,我们严谨以待,首先我们建立了现代化的沉香工厂,引进了价值百万的先进的机器来提炼沉香,并邀请了专业的保健研发团队投入沉香产品生产计划。





我们也正为这一系列具有医学疗效的沉香产品申请ISO 9001丶ISO 2000以及清真食品加工国际标准(Halal)的认证。