Monijuice—The Juice for A Healthier Immune System

Monijuice—The Juice for A Healthier Immune System

 Our lives are constantly in a hectic pace, and it seems like we never have enough time. Stress from all aspects of life makes it difficult for us to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It does not help that pollution is rapidly increasing rates of heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer and diabetes etc.

Luckily, we have also grown to care more about our health. Beauty is no longer just about external makeup and skincare application. Studies have given us more and more reason to believe that true health and beauty needs to start from the inside out.

I am incredibly busy myself. My schedule is always packed, yet I never slack when it comes to my health and beauty. I understand that the more I have on my hands, the more I need to stay in my best condition to take on those challenges.

What’s my secret? It is simple—plenty of exercise, eating clean, and sufficient sleep. Besides, I also choose the right health beverage, Monijuice.

Monijuice embodies my insistence on quality and health. It is natural, convenient and nutritious. Developed by a team of nutrition experts at Mon Space, it is perfect for those who live a busy life yet want to maintain their health.

Monijuice contains extracts from a superfood found only in the Amazon jungle—the Acai berry. More than that, it also has 18 other fruits from all over the world, all coming together to make a drink that provides all kinds of benefits to the body.

Monijuice is also proven to have antioxidant properties, which helps to fasten the pace of recovery in the body and boost the immune system.

Furthermore, the 18 fruits will improve the digestive system, helping to remove toxins and excess water from our body. Long term consumption of Monijuice will help give you a better figure too.

The most important ingredient in Monijuice, Acai berry, is known as one of the greatest superfood in the world. It has proteins, minerals, fibre, and vitamins to help create a strong web of immunity against sickness and diseases.

After drinking Monijuice for a while, I realise that I have become more and more healthy. Despite a busy schedule, I remain alert and healthy. Friends who have tried Monijuice also told me that it has helped improve their skin condition and overall health.

Monijuice is starting to gain the approval of the mass market, and is now one of the hottest selling fruit juices online. If you want to maintain your health too, don’t miss out on this amazing drink!

超级果汁MoniJuice! 抗氧化增强免疫力治百病





MoniJuice传递了我对健康的坚持——天然、便利与营养,是Mon Space集团旗下一群专业的营养与医疗团队诚意打造的一款健康饮料,非常适合生活忙碌,但又想保持身体健康的人士饮用。

MoniJuice是一种结合了一种仅能在亚马逊雨林中才能找到的超级水果——阿萨伊浆果或称巴西莓(Acai Berry)以及18种精挑细选来自世界各地最上乘的天然水果结合而成的健康饮料,绝对能提供人体所需的各种营养。






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