Monspace Algeria grand launched

Entering the Algerian market is one of the company’s highlights in 2018. We are very confident about the future of e-commerce in Algeria. Its huge population will buoy this new business, making Monspace Mall Algeria the most promising e-commerce platform locally.

According to the World Bank, Algeria’s internet usage ranks 55 in the world. Since 2017, both huawei and ZTE telecommunications have entered the market to train and develop local internet services, so it can be used across all levels, including governments, families, and individuals.

Algeria has a great future in e-commerce. The fact that e-commerce giant Jack Ma set up AliPay in the country should be enough evidence for that!

We spent a long time preparing for this, and I am confident that it will do just as well as Monspace Mall in any other country surrounding it !

进军阿尔及利亚电子商务市场是集团2018年重点项目之一,集团对阿尔及利亚的电商前景十分有信心,相信Monspace Mall能在这片宽广、人口密集的土地上立足,成为最具潜力的电商!

根据《世界银行》(World Bank)的数据显示,阿尔及利亚在全球网络使用榜上排名55,2017年起,华为与中兴通讯两大企业进军阿尔及利亚华为负责栽培互联网人才,将互联网运用在政府机构、家庭与个人方面;



我们期许这筹备许久的计划能获得成功,而我也有信心,阿尔及利亚Monspace Mall能获得如其他国家的Monspace Mall一般的出色!