Monspace All Star dance crew snagged second place at the 2017 World Hip Hop Dance Championship

Recently, the Monspace All Star dance crew has snagged second place at the 2017 World Hip Hop Dance Championship!

The team leader, Chris immediately informed me of the news after they were announced first runner-up. I could tell that he was overwhelmed with happiness and gratitude.

Watching you embrace your passion on that stage, showing off what you have to the world, hearing the crowd cheer for you, and to see you revel in your own talent—what a beautiful thing it is.

Dance is a part of art. Regardless of genre and style, anyone who appreciates art would know what’s true, kind, and beautiful; and they would see it in dance.

We know that dancers have their fair share of struggles. Often, they lack funding to perform or participate in competitions. No matter how passionate and talented they are, their achievements are limited by harsh realities as such.

Monspace All Star is a dance team sponsored by Monspace. When I first heard about the team’s dreams and vision from their team leader, I was deeply moved by their unmoving passion.

How could I turn them down who see dancing as their lives? The only thing I could do was to give them wings to fly freely.

And they have not disappointed me. These dancers have invested a lot into improving their skills, participating in numerous dancing competitions. It is no surprise that they have done so well. They were champion at a tournament in Beijing, China, and now the second best team in the world. These titles have undoubtedly boosted their confidence, and motivated them to do even better.

From the bottom of my heart, I am happy to see what you have achieved. But remember, your dreams don’t end here. In fact, here’s where they start. May you continue to pursue greatness, and let your talent shine for the world.

All the best!

不久前,Monspace All Star嘻哈舞蹈团在荣在世界嘻哈大赛中勇夺世界第二名的好成绩!





Monspace All Star也是集团赞助的舞蹈团之一,当初团长向我诉说该团的理念与梦想时,我深深地被感动,感动於他们对梦想的执着,也感动於他们对舞蹈的热爱!