Monspace Brand “Agarwood” Awarded 3 Food and Product Safety Certification

As food safety becomes a more pertinent issue, and global consumers being increasingly aware of food quality, manufacturers need to implement tighter controls over the entire supply chain to ensure the quality of their products.

Since 2017, Monspace has been applying for food safety certification to further improve the management of our manufacturing chain, we ran several tests including the ISO 22000: 2005, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points, and Good Manufacturing Practice. We have passed all three assessments, and attained certifications of ISO 22000: 2005, HACCP, and GMP by VECERT Singapore.

The tests above are in fact the most commonly used, internationally recognised food safety assessment systems. It ensures that the entire supply chain, from raw material extraction, to manufacturing, to wholesale and retail are all up to standard in terms of quality control.

满星云集团品牌 MONXIANG “沉香”


也为了提供广大客户更优质更安全的产品,自2017年起,满星云就为了全面提升产品质量管理以及生产线,“沉香”进行了ISO 22000: 2005、危害分析重要管制点(Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points,简称HACCP)以及良好生产规范(Good Manufacturing Practice,简称GMP)检测,这三项检测均顺利通过,取得了新加坡认证中心VECERT颁发了ISO 22000: 2005、HACCP以及GMP证书。