Monspace CEO Dato’ Sri Jessy Lai Awarded with Leader of the Year and Best Enterprise Award by the Europe Business Assembly (EBA)

Monspace CEO Dato’ Sri Jessy Lai Awarded with Leader of the Year and Best Enterprise Award by the Europe Business Assembly (EBA)

After the Queen Victoria Commemorative Medal last year, the Europe Business Assembly (EBA) has again recognised Monspace CEO Dato’ Sri Jessy Lai with a Leader of the Year award, and Monspace has received the Best Enterprise Award. These are given in recognition of Lai’s exceptional leadership and the excellent performance of Monspace Multinational Corp. Dato’ Sri Jessy Lai will be in Sweden to attend the awards ceremony on 3 July.

The Europe Business Assembly (EBA) is an independent corporation of economic, social and humanitarian collaboration, founded in Oxford, UK in 2000. It is an interactive platform for adapting European economic programs to the standards of living in dynamically developing regions. It follows the directives of the European Union and EU programmes “Good-neighbourliness” and “Eastern partnership”. Every year, it awards medals to promising enterprises in Asia, building a friendly relation between European and Asian businesses.
“The entire corporation is exhilarated to know we’ve won the Best Enterprise Award. We’d like to thank EBA from the bottom of our hearts. This is undoubtedly a great motivation to help propel our work further,” said Dato’ Sri Jessy Lai, CEO of Monspace.
Since its founding in 2014, Monspace has established a solid foundation in Asia. Now, it has expanded to the Caribbeans, Algeria, and other countries. Its strong track record also gave the leadership confidence to publicly list Monspace on the OTC stocks market in the United States last year.

The listing by no means made Monspace complacent. In fact, they worked even harder, and have achieved greater heights since then.

Firstly, the corporation’s flagship project, Monspace Mall, has grown its membership from the millions to tens of millions. The company is also expanding into other fields, such as developing the Memospace VR app, adapting blockchain into financial transactions, and establishing the MS New Symphony Exercise Clinic.

“The young knows no fear. Monspace is a young corporation keen to take on challenges and innovation. We are not afraid to explore and embrace the future,” said Lai.

Lai’s bold and innovative leadership plays a big part in the company’s dazzling track record in just 3 years.

“I’ve always thought leaders need to believe in their ability to make a difference. Your decisions can change the world—beyond just confidence, its about having the drive to constantly pursue excellence. It’s a quality all great leaders must have,” said Lai.

Lai is also not one to stay within rigid frameworks or conventions. She believes maintaining the status quo is no way to excel, and thus constantly lead her team to explore uncharted waters. In her words, “A corporation cannot always stay the same. As leaders, we need an appetite for challenges. Challenges are the true test of character, exposing a leader’s values, trustworthiness, and persistence.”

“All success stories are built upon challenges and tribulations. A leader can’t overcome alone—a strong team is absolutely necessary on the journey to success. Your persistence and courage will be the reason your team sticks with you through thick and thin.”

Lai also expresses her gratitude for EBA’s Leader of the Year award, and promises to continue taking Monspace to new heights, making it a name that’s known all around the world.

Besides attending the awards ceremony in Sweden, Lai is also invited as an official partner to attend the International Excellence in Quality Conference, co-hosted by the EBA and The Swiss Institute for Quality Standards (SIQS). She will be meeting exceptional leaders from around the world to discuss global market trends and entrepreneurial insights.

“I am humbled by the invitation to the conference, and to meet some of the greatest leaders from around the world,” said Lai.

The International Excellence in Quality Conference is a highly anticipated event that involves organisers such as EBA (England), the Oxford Union, and the European Medical Association. Its agenda includes entrepreneurship, healthcare, new industries, and education management.

The event will facilitate discussions about current and future trends in business, strategies, and management.

Attendants at the conference include professionals from Sweden and around the world, such as high-level executives, management experts, healthcare experts, and education executives to facilitate a fruitful discussion and benefit everyone present.


继去年获得由欧洲商业协会(EBA)颁发维多利亚纪念奖章(Queen Victoria Commemorative Medal)後,Monspace集团执行长拿督斯里赖彩云再次获得该协会颁发“年度最佳领导人”个人奖项,而其所创立的Monspace集团则荣获“最佳企业”,一连囊括两项国际大奖,表扬拿督斯里赖彩云带领集团迈向高峰的领导才能,同时亦高度认可Monspace集团为一家出色的跨国企业。拿督斯里赖彩云亲赴瑞士参与该协会于7月3日主办的颁奖礼。

2000年成立于英国牛津的EBA是一个结合经济丶社会和人道主义的独立商业协会。EBA主要任务为推动与发展欧洲经济,同时也遵循欧盟(European Union)所订之“友好睦邻”与“推动东方伙伴关系”,每年颁发奖章以表扬亚洲国家最具潜力的企业以及领导人,搭建欧洲与亚洲国家友好桥梁,并促进商业交流。




首先,作为集团奠基石的MONSPACE MALL从百万会员增至千万,业务拓展迅速,最近集团更是积极进军了其他的行业,例如加入虚拟实景(VR)列车,开发“云境家园”APP丶运用全球最新科技区块链(blockchain)经营企业丶成立MS运动医疗诊所等。







另外,拿督斯里赖彩云除了赴瑞士领奖之外,也受邀成为EBA与瑞士质量标准研究所(SIQS)联合主办的“国际卓越质量” 高峰会(International Conference ‘Excellence in Quality’)的官方合作夥伴并参与该高峰会,与全球优秀领导人共同研讨全球企业趋势。