Monspace Credit Union & Trust regards KYC as an important operation

Monspace Credit Union & Trust regards KYC as an important operation.

Monspace Credit Union & Trust attaches great importance to the protection of client assets. It has established a set of clear procedures following trust fund laws and regulations. It has also implemented rigorous KYC procedures to ensure that it can promote appropriate services to clients, while ensuring that their personal assets are strictly protected.

Many people have heard of KYC, but they may not understand the actual function of it. KYC has a vital role in the financial industry. Without it, there may be great hidden concerns in terms of security.

You might not know this, but each of us has actually gone through the KYC check. For example, when you open a bank account, you must submit your identity documents, and sometimes even the contact information of relatives and friends. This is the simplest KYC procedure (also known as Customer Identification Procedures, CIP) to ensure that you are indeed a real and alive person.

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或许你不知道,我们每个人其实都经历过KYC的查核。例如,当你去银行开户的时候,都必须要提交身份证件,甚至有时候还要提交亲友联络方式证明,这便是一个最简单的KYC程序(也称作CIP – Customer Identification Procedures,以确保你这个活人是真的存在的)。