Monspace developing VR application Memospace

In March 2016, the world was presented a historic photo. More than 300 people were immersed in the world of virtual reality (VR), so much that none of them realised Facebook’s founder, Mark Zuckerberg passing them by.

Corporations like Facebook, Oculus, Sony, HTC, and Samsung etc have been pioneering VR since 2016. Besides launching hardware, they are also creating content and a VR ecosystem that thrives. HTC founded the Asia-Pacific Virtual Reality Industry Alliance (APVRA) and ViveX VR Accelerator Program to allow further content and tech development.

Monspace has decided to keep up with the world, in fact, to pioneer and develop something truly groundbreaking. We are developing our own VR application, a project that focuses on our family, and the people who we love and care about. This July 2017, Monspace Multinational Corp will launch its VR ( Virtual Reality) application – Memospace.

As the world becomes more hectic and our lives become more and more busy, we have lesser time to spend with each other. Nevertheless, our need for support and companion has never changed.

Therefore, we are creating Memospace; an avenue to help us connect with each other in a way much more intimate than before.

2017年7月,MONSPACE集团将会向各界隆重推介其年度重要计划——颠覆21世纪人类想像的虚拟实境显示器(Virtual Reality)以及“云境家园”APP。