Monspace has donated necessities Yemen refugee

In 2014, a civil conflict broke out in Yemen, and the country has been hardly functioning ever since.

Continuous explosions and attacks have wrecked public facilities such as bridges, hospitals, and factories. Many doctors and public servants have gone more than a year without salary. Malnutrition and poor sanitation has plunged the country into diseases we’ve only read about in history textbooks, and little could be done to curb this.

Since the war, cholera has claimed more than 2000 lives. With more than 500,000 people infected, this is the worst outbreak the world has seen in the past five decades.

The conflict continues even to this day. As a company that touts humanitarian values and cares about global issues, MONSPACE has decided to step in and do our part to help.

We have sent a special team into refugee camps in Yemen. They are tasked to provide care and assistance to the victims traumatised by war.

We have also donated necessities, which will hopefully remind war refugees that they are not forgotten. That there is still care and love in this world.

Compassion knows no nationality, race, or religion. Our only purpose is to help those in need.

Let there be love in the world. Let us stand stedfast on our motto: life inspiring life.