MONSPACE GOLDSANDS HOTEL Launches Tourism Collaboration Project “From ZhangJiaJie to Malacca”

On 2 February 2018 at the Hunan Hotel in Changsha, Goldsands Hotel which is owned by Monspace Multinational Corp has participated in a tourism collaboration project titled “From ZhangJiaJie to Malacca” 2018. The project includes a ZhangJiaJie—Malacca chartered flight, and is expected to promote tourism in both markets.

This large-scale project connects the cultural heritage of both countries: Malaysia’s Malacca and China’s ZhangJiaJie to highlight and promote the understanding of both country’s history and culture.

The company now sets its eyes on the global tourism industry, focusing on the Chinese market.

China and Malaysia has always had good relations, and the foundation of our friendship runs deep. In 2016, Malaysia hosted more than 2.1 million Chinese tourists who spent RM7.9 million collectively. China is now Malaysia’s vital source of tourists.

Between January to March 2017, Chinese visitors to Malaysia grew by 8.3% compared to the same period in 2016. By May, the number has expanded to 1.2 million, and then grew steadily to 3 million by end of the year.

Furthermore, Malaysia is the highest recipient of Chinese visas globally. In 2016 we were issued 530,000 copies, and 10% of those are for business. There is no better evidence that trade is thriving between the two countries.

The launch event was packed with entertainment. The opening act featured a dance titled “Soaring Wings of Gold”, while the sand drawing made attendants breathless. The organizers also prepared a short film featuring the culture of Malaysia and Malacca. It was then followed up with cultural dance performance, captivating everyone in the hall.

Local singer Winnie K was also present in Hunan just to perform for the event.

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