MONSPACE Group sponsors Phoenix Television 2017 CNY Gala

MONSPACE Proudly Sponsors The Phoenix Television CNY Gala 2017


Chinese New Year is especially significant for the Chinese community—not just because it brings in a new beginning, but also because this is the one opportunity for family members scattered around the world to gather and be merry. Nothing is more powerful than the joy of fellowship. Indeed, the culture is a beautiful tradition.

Fellowship is also about collectivising the power of many, and emitting positive vibes. On that note, nothing comes close to CNY galas. Every year in China, these galas and broadcasting on TV, and it is something that brings everyone together, huddling in front of the TV, enjoying the warmth of their families.

I am personally and emotionally involved in these shows, because it is also in the tradition of my family to watch them on the eve of Chinese New Year. Never would I have imagined that I can one day be present live at the event to spectate the show!

That’t right, Phoenix Television has invited me to participate in their CNY gala. I said yes with overwhelming enthusiasm, and decided to sponsor the event as well. Hopefully, my contribution helps bring Chinese people all over the world closer together.

More surprisingly, Phoenix television also invited me to be on their talkshow “Omnitalk” for an exclusive interview about my experience in entrepreneurship.

In the interview, we talked about my business philosophy, the founding of MONSPACE mall, how corporations affect society, culture and arts. It was a great conversation, since my hobby is also to play the piano and listen to music. They always calm me down and help me relax.

That’s why I’m so excited about the CNY gala this year. Its theme is music, and I will get to enjoy first class performance from all over the world. The sounds of classical Chinese music will surely put me on cloud nine.

I am so excited for the Phoenix gala, and I want to thank Phoenix Television for their invitation. Also, my gratitude extends to everyone working on Omnitalk, for letting me share my life experience. I hope the session inspires its viewers!











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