Monspace held a gala in Dubai to reward our users

Yesterday was an exceptional day ! As you all know, we have held a gala in Dubai to reward our users, and also to allow users from all countries a chance to meet and connect.

This gala saw more than 1000 users attending from around the world, gathering for a fun and crowded night!

Entertainment at the gala included live saxophone performance and enchanting dances. But, I’d also like to share three highlights from this event.

Firstly, group activity. We requested some of our exceptional users to lead these group activities, sharing their advice, experience, and encouragement hoping to inspire other users.

Then, the movie played, Dangal, which was one of my favourite movies. I remember crying a lot when I first watched it long ago! It’s a motivational movie not because of the star cast, but because of an inspirational story line which will make you think about your life goals and the importance of having a clear vision for your life.

Also, we are very proud to announce that the company has further upgraded MSD’s market value and usability, and the expansion of platform also signifies the 2018 goals of Monspace Multinational Corp: the continuous push to excel and pursue improvement!

The reward gala was a huge success. Thank you to all users who attended for making it possible!

Let’s continue to work hard, create a value that’s uniquely you.

Life Inspiring Life.