Monspace Indonesia Launches MSP Life

Monspace Indonesia Launches MSP Life, a Shopping Guide App Made Specially for its Customers

This app has three main strengths. Firstly, users can attain information about the latest product updates or sales, and collect loyalty points for rewards. Secondly, the shop owners themselves can maximise user growth, and thirdly our business partners can also help promote its use.

MSP Life is a helpful shopping guide. As its name suggests, the app offers anything you might need in your daily life: food, beauty, health, electronics, hotels, and more. Users can effortlessly find out information about products on the MSP Life app.

Users can also find out about partnering retailers through the app, such as their location, product offerings and more.

The most special thing about MSP Life is its reward system. “Users can find out about our partner retailers, and redeem rewards from them using MSP. This could be a restaurant, for example—so you can enjoy a great meal for a greater price,” explained the CEO of Monspace Indonesia Dato’ Danny Lee.


印尼满星云首推MSP Life 一款专为客户打造的便利消费指南APP


MSP Life是一款极为便利的商品指南,顾名思义,“生活”代表了生活,生活离不开衣食住行以及娱乐,MSP Life网罗了印尼各式各样的商家,包括餐厅、美容机构、健康医疗中心,家电行,酒店、电子产品等,让客户能不费吹灰之力就能在MSP Life内查询欲知的产品资讯。

同时,客户还能通过MSP Life搜索合作商家的位置,并能提供该商店的周边地图、商家的基本资讯以及产品介绍。

而MSP Life最特别之处在于其之积分优惠系统,“客户能通过MSP Life查询接受MSP积分消费的合作商家以换取优惠奖励,比如说,到我们的指定的合作餐厅消费就能获得折扣,让你能享受到最价廉物美的美食!” 印尼满星云CEO Dato Danny Lee为MSP Life解释功能时提到。