Monspace International Online and Offline Trade Exhibition

One of the highlights of this event was the Monspace International Online and Offline Trade Exhibition. The trade exhibition attracted entrepreneurs from China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Algeria, Singapore, and Middle Eastern nations to set up booths at the event. This is the “online to offline” (O2O) experience that allows physical display and in-person experience before purchase.

The offline and online exhibition,as the name suggests, relies on online exhibition platforms to bring together the industry’s complete industrial chain resources. It uses subversive innovations to build up corporate brands through deep integration of the “offline display, online marketing” O2O operating model. This allows for effective brand promotion, quick integration of industrial resources, and the development of a display platform for sales networks.

本届的周年庆上的亮点节目之一就是“满星云线上线下国际贸易展销会”, 本次的展销会吸引了来自中国、越南、印度尼西亚、阿尔及利亚、新加坡和中东等国的创业家在展区设置展位,结合O2O(线上线下)的联动展销方式进行现场展示宣传和体验式销售。