Hello everyone, it’s been another hectic day!

An early morning and breakfast later, my first agenda was to meet the Prime Minister of the SVG. After that meeting, the Minister of Agriculture Department brought me to Greggs Primary School, an institution sponsored by MONSPACE.

Before visiting St. Vincent, I knew from the locals that the school is in need of funding. I therefore decided to donate, and also visit it during my trip. Hopefully, my contribution makes a difference to the children.

At Greggs, the children gave me a warm welcome and a singing performance. Everyone looked happy and enthusiastic, and the teachers gave us hugs.

See the pink t-shirt the children are wearing? They are official MONSPACE t-shirts, and don’t they look good on the children!

After visiting the school, I found that while it wasn’t fancy, it was evident that the teachers are fully committed to providing the best possible education. Throughout the tour, the children could not stop telling us about their school. It was a very heart-warming sight.

This visit not only showed me how warm and friendly the locals are, it also showed me how much St. Vincent cares about education. It is very encouraging.

Charity should be blind to religion, race, and creed. The only thing that matters is that we are helping people. Moreover, education is a fundamental right that should be accorded to all. This is a belief long held by the Chinese community, and also my personal conviction. I am happy to make a difference in another side of the world. If there’s anything I ask for in return, is that a smile be put onto the faces of these precious children.


起个大清早,享用了一顿丰盛的早餐,我立即赴第一个行程,拜会了St Vincent的首相。拜会首相後,在农业部长的陪同下参观了当地一所由MONSPACE集团捐助的小学——Greggs小学。







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