MONSPACE Multinational Corp Hosted Corporate Management, Sales, and Leadership Training

MONSPACE Multinational Corp hosted a training on corporate management, sales, and leadership on 14 April (Friday), from 9am to 6pm at the Pearl International Hotel. The training was specially designed to develop the skills of the members at MONSPACE.

Founded in 2014, MONSPACE was built on the success of its flagship project, MONSPACE Mall. Since then, it has expanded from e-commerce into industries such as agriculture, entertainment, tourism, telecommunications, aviation and more. It has also penetrated markets across the globe, securing itself a reputation of quick yet stable growth.

The success of the corporation can be credited not just to CEO Dato’ Sri Jessy Lai, but also to the excellent management, sales strategy, production line, outstanding team, and clear corporate goals.

Running a corporation requires more than just theory and book knowledge. MONSPACE capitalised on their own success and experience by having the senior management share their expertise with employees through this training.

Classes conducted on the day include positioning and attitude of leaders, sales strategy, management, technology and production. Through this effort, the corporation expects to see its employees gain a deeper understanding of its corporate management.

Mon Space集团於4月14日(星期五),早上9时至下午6时,在Pearl International Hotel举办一场培训课程,针对企业管理丶商业营销丶有效领导等重点课题为会员们量身定做一套专业培训。

Mon Space集团自2014年创立以来,企业迅速发展,从最初的MONSPACE MALL,到地产丶酒店与旅游丶美容业丶服饰业丶餐饮业丶农耕业丶医药与保健业丶电信业等,短短三年内,商业触角延伸至多项行业,横跨亚洲,甚至将企业拓展至国际。

Mon Space集团的成功,除了归功於企业创办人拿督斯里赖彩云领导有方之外,也因为集团拥有一套良好的管理策略丶营销方案丶生产技术丶专业的精英团队丶清晰的愿景与目标等要素。

经营企业非纸上谈兵,也非理论可以一言概之,Mon Space集团以自身成功的创业经验,开办课程,邀请集团旗下的精英团队主讲,让对企业管理有兴趣的的会员们能更了解企业运作。


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