MONSPACE Multinational Corp organised the Mon Space Earth Run 2017

Earth Day was first started on 22 April 1970 by U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson. Concerned about environmental issues, Nelson and 2 million other Americans went to the streets demanding for a healthier and more sustainable society.

Since 1990, Earth Day’s message has been spreading out of America across the world. People from different cultures and backgrounds are using their own ways to create a more sustainable way of living. Slowly, Earth Day became a significant occasion for us to highlight environmental causes.

In conjunction with Earth Day 2017, MONSPACE Multinational Corp is organising the Mon Space Earth Run 2017 on 16 April (Sunday), at 6.30am at the Putrajaya International Convention Center (PICC). The event seeks to encourage the public to do their part, no matter how small, in conserving the environment.

MONSPACE hopes to use this event to educate the public on the many ways they can help protect our environment, such as saving energy and keeping plants at home.

MONSPACE also launched the MS New Symphony Exercise Clinic last year to champion the same cause, encouraging exercise as a way to maintain healthy lifestyles.

Another highlight of the run is the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between MS Exercise Clinic and Core Health & Fitness, LLC. Core Health & Fitness is the world’s fifth largest marketer and distributor of commercial fitness products to health clubs, community recreational centers, hotels, government, educational facilities and more. They will be designing special equipments for all 20 MS Exercise Clinics across Malaysia, improving the quality of care patients would receive.

地球日诞生於 1970 年 4 月 22 日,由美国参议员洛德•纳尔逊鉴於当时美国环境问题而发起,引起200万美国民众上街诉求一个健康丶永续的生活环境。


向来关心与支持生态保育活动的Mon Space集团为了响应2017年世界地球日的来临,带着回馈与感恩之心,特别于4月16日,在Putrajaya International Convention Center(PICC)举行了“Mon Space 集团2017年地球日路跑”慢跑活动,呼吁社会人士与Mon Space一同以大处着眼,小处着手,身体力行爱地球。

Mon Space集团希望通过这次的路跑活动,向民众宣扬爱护环境的理念,也希望民众能够明白,保护环境能从生活小细节开始,例如随手关灯丶在居家多种植绿色植物等小事都能让你尽到保护地球的责任。

推广运动为健康生活形态也是“2017年Mon Space集团地球日路跑”的宣传宗旨之一,集团选这一天进行另一项重点活动,也就是MS运动医疗诊所将与全球最大健身器材领导品牌Core Health & Fitness, LLC签署一项合作备忘录,Core Health & Fitness将专门为即将在全马各地成立的20间MS运动医疗诊所设计多款适合进行治疗的器材,以协助患者获得更好治疗效果。

更令集团振奋的是,欧洲着名教育机构Global Connect Academy代表也将与MS运动医疗诊所签署另一项合作备忘录,Global Connect Academy将与MS运动医疗诊所合作进行电子教学与培训课程,并将于大会上宣布治疗师已受欧盟(European Union)承认为专业级别治疗师。

MS运动医疗诊所将透过专业医生的咨询,以正确并适量的运动,治疗四大夺命疾病——糖尿病(Diabetes)丶高血压(High blood pressure)丶肥胖(Obesity)以及血脂异常(Dyslipidemia,并于全马7家“卫生诊疗所”(Klinik Kesihatan)推行此医疗方式。


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