Monspace planning to expand operations in Algeria

The team and I have arrived in Algeria, North Africa. The weather here is as bright as my mood, and I’m so excited to see our friends here in Algeria!

That’s right, Monspace is now in the beautiful land of North Africa.

Since our founding in 2014, we have worked hard and expanded into countries like China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Hong Kong and etc. Now, we are going beyond Asia—first in the East Caribbean, and now to Algeria. This once again proves just how great Monspace is!

Algeria has the world’s 5th largest reserve of natural gas and is the second biggest exporter of it. It also has the world’s 14th largest oil reserves. All these natural resources and trade has bolstered a strong economy in Algeria, which is why Monspace is confident that it is a great place for us to expand our operations into.

This trip to Algeria is mainly to meet the local members of Monspace, and thank them for their support. In future, Monspace would invest heavily in Algeria, stimulating the local economy and giving it a breath of fresh air.