Monspace Sues China Press for Defamation

Monspace CEO Dato’ Sri Jessy Lai and Monspace Malaysia (also known as “plaintiff”) have sued China Press newspaper and its Chief Editor (张映坤) (also known as “respondent”) for defamation.

Previously, Messrs Tan, Goh & Associates who represented DS Jessy Lai and Monspace issued an ultimatum on 31 July to China Press, that the newspaper has to publicly retract their defaming reports dated 26 and 28 July about KPDNKK’s actions towards the plaintiff. This was to done by China Press by 10 August at 12pm, otherwise be brought to court.

After noon of 10 August, Messrs Tan, Goh & Associates has filed the joint suit by DS Jessy Lai and Monspace to the KL High Court. The court has listed the paper’s Chief Editor as first respondent, and China Press as second respondent.

Once the court officially accepts the suit against China Press, Monspace will then announce details of the lawsuit.


满星云集团总裁拿督斯里赖彩云和满星云(马)有限公司 (也称 “起诉人”) 已经于8月10日联合起诉中国报及其总编辑张映坤 (也称 “答辩人”) 诽谤!

此前,代表赖彩云和满星云的 “陈吴律师楼” 在一封志期7月31日的《行动前最后通牒》里限定中国报最迟必须于8月10日中午12点公开宣布无条件收回中国报在7月26及28日刊登的报导有关日前贸消部行动里涉及诽谤起诉人的文字,否则公堂见。

8月10日中午过后 “陈吴律师楼” 毅然把赖彩云和满星云的联合诉状入禀吉隆坡高等法院。该诉讼把中国报的总编辑张映坤列为第一答辩人,中国报是第二答辩人。