Monspacemall expand business at Singapore

Riding on the trust and support of our users, Monspacemall is once again expanding! This time, we turn our eyes to the financial heart of Southeast Asia—Singapore!

Monspace Mall has set up an office at Singapore’s golden business district arc 380. It is currently under construction, and we will officially launch in Singapore once it is ready.

Entering Singapore is one of Monspace’s big projects. Singapore is one of the world’s leading financial hub, and the country’s location make it a strategic business centre for global companies. Tapping into the potential of this market, Monspace has set up a special task force to research about Singapore’s e-commerce scene. After much preparation, we have finally decided to enter the market.

In future, we maintain Monspace’s operating philosophy—offering the best products and services to Singaporean customers.

Monspace Mall Singapore will be lead by CEO Isaac Nordean. Mr. Nordean is a capable person. Under his stewardship, Monspacemall will surely claim our space in the Singaporean e-commerce market.


满星云集团于新国的繁忙的精华地带arc 380架设了一个宇天数商城办事处,该办事处正直修建期,完工后将于新加坡正式上架。


日后我们将秉持宇天数商城一贯的原则 – 将最好的商品与最佳的服务献给新加坡客户。

而新加坡宇天数商城将由总裁ISAAC NORDEAN领导,ISAAC NORDEAN是一位非常有能力的管理人才,相信在他的带领下,宇天数商城将能在新加坡电子商务市场占一席位。