Never push a loyal person to the point where they walk away

Having faithful employees is the dream of every employer. An enterprise’s growth is directly related to the loyalty of its workers, and vice versa. A corporation’s biggest asset is indeed not its money, but its employees!

The key to keeping faithful employees around is respect. To put it simply, its about showing genuine care and affirmation when its deserved. When someone is appreciated as a human being and not just a machine at work, they develop a sense of belonging. Respect your employees’ feelings, thoughts, and choices—and that will win you their respect.

Many leaders don’t understand this. More often than not, they care about their own gains more than anything. To them, the team is just profit-churning machines. The only time many bosses care about their staff is to look at how much more money they can make out of them. As their profit margins increase, however, they lose the love of their employees. Eventually you turn even the most loyal followers away.

What are employees looking for? More than money, they want a sense of belonging and accomplishment—and the best way to offer that is by offering care, encouragement, and a listening ear.

When employees contribute to the company, we should offer them fair compensation. Make them feel like their hard work is paying off—that way, you not only encourage hard workers, you also set a standard for others. Employees are after all, seeking fair returns for their effort. If everyone is getting the same amount of reward regardless of how much effort they’ve invested, then why would anyone care to work harder than others?

Enterprises are like ships. The leader is the captain, and the staff are the sailors. We are all on the same boat, heading the same direction. It’s precisely because the storm ahead is strong, and the journey is long that we need to pick out the most loyal and fearless employees to steer the ship in the right way. This is the moment to stick together, and in one spirit, lead the ship to farther, wider oceans.