New operation model—— “Sharing economy”

What’s the hottest phrase in recent years? “Sharing economy” has got to be it.

This new operation model has taken over the world by storm, and is now one of the hottest concepts in the start-up industry. Compounded with the power of online communities and the ubiquity of handheld devices, this model is also hastening the development of the global economy.

Some prominent names in sharing economy includes Uber, AirBnB, TaskRabbit, and ShareDesk. In China, this has even spread to commodities such as umbrella, power banks, and bicycles.

What exactly is a “sharing economy”? It allows people to share goods and services, where users can pay a fraction of the normal cost to use these resources, and owners get compensated fairly.

这两年最夯的名词是什么? “共享经济” 绝对当之无愧。