ATV seek to grow its audience in all four regions

As the first TV station in Hong Kong, ATV now stands on 60 years of history and changes. It has stood the test of time and evolved into the digital age, announcing its move online in the form of the ATV app on the OTT platform.

Since 1967, ATV has produced countless classic shows, such as the horse racing show hosted by Bill Tung, the first original Wuxia drama Reincarnate, Fatherland which set viewership records, I Have a Date with Spring, I Have a Date with the Zombie, The Good Old Days and more. It has made the careers of many superstars and created countless household TV classics. In addition to outsourced programs and TV series, it also develops its own content.

In addition to Hong Kong, ATV announced that it will invest more time and resources in other Asian regions, including Malaysia, Singapore, and Taiwan. The plan for Asia Momentum Entertainment is to build a film and television city in Malaysia, uncover and develop talents from various countries, produce quality TV content, and seek to grow its audience in all four regions.

作为香港第一间电视台,亚视已有接近六十年历史,经历着岁月变迁,电视台亦陪着 大家走过不少风风雨雨,跟随着时代进步和互联网普及的时代,亚洲电视亦宣布以网 络电视形式经营,以“ATV 亚洲电视”APP 在 OTT 平台上再次走入观众眼球。由 1967 年开始,亚洲电视制作过不少家喻户晓的经典节目、剧集,包括董标主持的《赛马节 目》、首部原创武侠剧《天蚕变》、创下高收视的《大地恩情》、《大内群英》、 《我和春天有个约会》、《我和僵尸有个约会》、《再见艳阳天》等,捧红无数巨星, 成为观众心目中的经典节目。

除了外购节目、电视剧集,亦会开发自家制的影视节目。除了香港,亚视宣布接下来会投放更多时间、资源于其他亚洲地区,包括马来西亚、 新加坡和台湾,在亚洲心动娱乐的企划下,未来会在马来西亚打造影视城,持续招募 各国的优秀创作团队合作,积极网络优秀的影视内容,将四大区域的资源、观众进行 整合,进一步开发更大的市场。