Dato’ Sri Jessy Lai attended the 1st International Seminar on Exercise Medicine of Pakistan

Dato’ Sri Jessy Lai, a strong proponent for the prevention of non-communicable diseases (NCD) and chair of the World Conference on Exercise Medicine (WCEM), attended the 1st International Seminar on Exercise Medicine, on 28-29 Feburary 2020 in Lahore, Pakistan.

In her opening ceremony speech, Lai shared her learning 4 years ago while researching the topic of NCDs with Dr Lee Chee Peng.

Dato Sri Jessy Lai and Dr. Lee spent a considerable amount of time learning about NCDs. After thorough research and discussion with professional doctors, they’re convinced that exercise can effectively prevent the occurrence of non-communicable diseases. Thus WCEM was born.

They then ran the WCEM for three years, each gathering medical experts from more than 30 countries to discuss of the prevention of NCDs, hoping to help achieve WHO’s goals laid out in the “2013-2020 Global Movement for Prevention and Control of NCDs”.

致力于推动全球非传染性疾病(non-communicable disease, NCD)预防工作兼全球性质的国际运动医疗研讨会(WCEM)主席拿督斯里赖彩云于2020年2月28(星期五)以及29日(星期六)在巴基斯坦,拉合尔(Pakistan,Lahore)主办第一届运国际动医疗论坛(1st International Seminar on Exercise Medicine)。