Happy International Women’s Day

Looking back on the path that women had taken, every step is truly challenging. From the past generation where women’s voting rights were denied until today, the 21st century, women’s finance, status quo, power of speech, and many aspects have finally increased significantly. However, while women’s rights seem to have risen a lot, there’s still a long way to go before we can truly achieve gender equality.

International Women’s Day is sprouted from the soil of European labour movements. Hundreds of years ago, women appealed against social discrimination and unfairness towards their gender. There were countless protests and rallies, all to raise public awareness on gender equality and equal rights.

If not for these groups of women from hundreds of years ago, the establishment and progression of gender equality might be delayed indefinitely.

Voicing for women’s rights is not only about women, it is also about collective human rights. The rights of a human being are gender-neutral, everyone should be treated equally to another.

Hundreds of years later, there are still many women who are denied reproductive rights and marriage rights, not to mention not getting equal pay for equal work. In some countries, women’s right to life is not even guaranteed. This shows that the road to gender equality is still far from over, it still requires our endorsement and persistence, regardless of men or women.

We would like to offer our sincerest thanks to all who have been pacing step by step on the road of gender equality. It’s because of you, women who never gives up, that this era of equal rights can occur and keeps on progressing. To every woman, all the best and have a happy International Women’s Day.