Monspace “Spiking Life” Training Ends on High Note.

拔尖专家聚首探讨数字货币界颠覆课题 , 满星云《震撼的生命》密集训练会圆满结束 。

2019 年,稳定币与去中心化金融发展迅猛。作为一种新型的全球性加密货币,稳定币的作用日益凸显。鉴于加密货币的波动性和不稳定性,现阶段其难以作为一种价值存储被广泛采用。稳定币可确保行业在享受区块链技术带来去中心化、透明、安全等优势的同时获得接近法币的稳定与保证。

Leading Experts Gather to Discuss the Future of Digital Coins. Monspace “Spiking Life” Training Ends on High Note.

In 2019, stablecoin and decentralized finance developed rapidly. As a new type of global cryptocurrency, the role of stablecoin has become increasingly prominent. Given the volatility and instability of cryptocurrencies, they are not ideal methods of value storage.

Stablecoins can ensure that the industry enjoys the stability similar to that of legal tenders; while enjoying the advantages of decentralization, transparency and security of the blockchain technology.