Monspace Singapore exhibited at Comex 2019 exhibition

Monspace Singapore is exhibiting two key products at the Comex 2019 exhibition—CPMall and MSD. The exhibition has attracted consumers from across the world, and many have inquired about our products.

The Comex consumer electronics exhibition is one of Singapore’s biggest IT exhibitions, and one of Southeast Asia’s biggest.

Every year, Comex gathers participants from communities such as telecommunication, digital imaging, gaming, hardware and more. The products showcased come from across the IT industry; besides Singapore, it includes countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and more.

Monspace在新加坡最大的消费电子博览会Comex 2019展览旗下的两大亮点产品CPMALL与MSD,新加坡Monspace在本次展览吸引了许多来自海外的消费者的目光,纷纷来到我们的摊位进行询问与了解。

COMEX 消费电子博览会是新加坡最大的IT展会之一,是东南亚地区最大的IT科技展会。