Please follow the MSC app for my latest updates and articles

Five years ago when we founded Monspace, a Facebook page was set up to inform people about the latest updates. I also set up a personal page as a way to connect with followers, and share updates about my work, life and thoughts.
I update my Facebook page every day, because your encouragement and response in the comments give me motivation to keep sharing.
This little space is where we explore life together, and share the things that move us. Through your responses, we have discovered many possibilities and made connections with people who are different from us.
Every time I read a post, it reminds me of a past memory. I have been running this page for five years now, and while we have to shut down the page to give users a better experience, I do feel nostalgic about what we shared here.
However, I’m not leaving, just moving to another place. From now, all latest news from me will be up on the MSC app. There, I will continue to share my life and work with you!
Dear all, please follow the MSC app for my latest updates and articles. Let us continue to interact and spread love. Life inspiring life.