Singaporean film maker Jack Neo named head of Asia Momentum Entertainment

The move to build a film and television city in Malaysia is based on the various business and economic opportunities it brings. Its establishment is expected to stimulate the local entertainment industry.   Asia Momentum Entertainment has been named head of Asia Momentum Entertainment, which also has an app.

Jack Neo is a household name in Asia, with rich film making experience. I believe his leadership will encourage many talented people to pursue their dreams. All upcoming productions will be made available on the Asia Momentum Entertainment app, and promises to impress.

这次亚洲电视在马来西亚打造影视城,主要是看准娱乐商机带来的发展潜力和经济效益,希望能透过这个平台发掘全球影视精英,带动全球娱乐行业发展更蓬勃, 现在设立的亚洲心动娱乐 APP,并交由著名导演梁志强主理业务。

他在新马一带已经是家喻户晓的巨星,在制作影视作品上也有丰富的经验,我相信在他的带领下,一定能帮助到更多有才华的人完成梦想。而且,亚洲心动娱乐 APP 亦能 让全球观众都收看得到亚洲电视接下来重金打造的影视节目,定必让大家另眼相看。