The important of move with the times

The news of Jamie Oliver’s chain restaurant shut down has shocked the world. Yet if we look to the founding of this business, the signs were clear from the start. Oliver invested heavily into an already saturated f&b industry, not knowing that the consumer market had already moved on to food delivery services as the norm. This once again tells us how important it is to move with the times.

Jamie Oliver 名下连锁餐厅宣布清盘的消息震惊了全球,回头看看他的创业路程,其实有迹可循。奥利佛巨额投资早已饱和的新鲜食材餐饮业以及无意识到外卖服务已改变消费者习惯,在在的显示,洞察先机与创新是企业能否成功的关键。