Opportunity Favours the Prepared, Not the Lucky 机会是留给有准备的人,不是幸运的人

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Opportunity Favours the Prepared, Not the Lucky

My years in the business world has been a long and fateful journey. Till now, one principle that I hold on dearly is that opportunities should be created by yourself.

There is a saying that goes: Opportunities do not appear for no reason. They are created.
Indeed, this is my conviction.

Succesful people may have had some luck in what they do, but mostly its about working behind the scenes, away from the eyes of the public and toiling away when no one is looking. It is about preparing yourself for any opportunity that may occur, or even better, creating opportunities for yourself.

Anyone that wants success cannot just wait for it to land on their laps. They need to discover and create their own success stories.

So stop waiting around. If no one is giving you opportunities, that only proves one thing: that you need to create a way for yourself.

Have you heard of anyone who has achieved true and meaningful success by just sitting around and waiting? I doubt so.

I have also never heard anyone achieve great heights in life through whining and self-pity. Remember, no one is obliged to make you successful and happy. That duty lies solely in your own hands.

Pay attention. Observe. Opportunities are everywhere.

Sure, there may be times when lady luck is not on your side, but thousands of people have made a name for themselves even amidst the most difficult times.

Oscar winner Julie Andrews once said: “Work hard, learn well, be prepared. When the opportunity comes, seize it.”
I have also experienced failures in my career. At that point, it was hard to not wonder why it happened to me. Why fate was not on my side despite me giving my best in everything I do. My emotions affected my judgment, and it might have cost me precious opportunities.

Fortunately, I knew I needed to stop whining, and start fixing things. I knew that giving up was never an option.
The way to “making it” in life is exactly that—make it. Not wait, not whine, not sit around. get up, go out there and make things happen.












奥斯卡金像奖得主,英国女演员茱莉安德鲁斯(Julie Andrews)曾说:“认真工作,努力学习,让自己做好准备,机会来临时,你就有能力抓住它”。






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