Promoting Chinese Education: Dato’ Sri Jessy Lai Donates to 2017 Chinese Youth Secondary School Chinese Association Conference

Malaysia has always been lauded as the Southeast Asia nation out of Greater China that offers a high quality, holistic Chinese education. It’s something Malaysian Chinese can be proud of, as it is the fruits of our persistence in preserving our culture.

In Malaysia’s education system, Chinese language classes are offered throughout primary to tertiary education. This allows those who wish to study the language to fully immerse themselves in a proper learning environment.

Chinese primary and secondary schools in Malaysia organise all kinds of event every year to cultivate an awareness among students for Chinese culture. These events also inculcate the sense of duty in students to preserve the Chinese culture, so our children and their children can continue to learn about our roots and language.

To preserve our culture, the Chinese in Malaysia has founded all kinds of association and organisations since the founding of this nation. These associations also organise a lot of activities to attract and educate students.

MONSPACE has always been supportive Malaysia’s Chinese education development. Its founder and Group CEO Dato’ Sri Jessy lai is the honorary advisor of the The Malaysia Xiang Lian Youth Association Charity and Educational Fund, and has been assisting the association with their organisation and fund-raising.

Jessy is not only a sponsor of this year’s Secondary School Chinese Association Conference, she has also participated in many local events organised by Chinese associations in Malaysia to show her support for preserving Chinese culture.