RQ—The X factor of success成功人士都拥有”RQ”精神!

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RQ—The X factor of success

Malaysia is doing great in the Rio Olympics. We have won silver for synchronized diving, and also made the semifinals of badminton doubles. Besides having the skills, I believe strong mental strength is also required of all Olympians.

I love sports, and I often have friendly competitions with my friends, such as a badminton game. I have realized that calmness goes a long way in helping one win competitions.

This ability to stay level-headed is also important in business.

What do I mean?

I realized that most successful people have a common trait—the ability to stay calm and collected despite crises and troubles. They maintain rational under pressure, and keep healthy relationships with people around them. Most importantly, they are not easily derailed from their goals in the midst of distractions.

We call this ability the Resilience Quotient, RQ. This term is first coined by German Psychologist Denis Mourlane. Not only have experts all across Europe recognized the importance of RQ, they have even developed trainings and programmes to help people strengthen their RQ.
I came across some great material on this topic, and would like to share it with you:

The characteristics of people with high RQ

◎ They are filled with positivity and confidence
◎ They can make decisions and assessments objectively
◎ They understand themselves, and are well rounded
◎ They have inner peace
◎ They are able to set clear goals and work towards them
◎ They are empathatic
◎ They have a sense of humour, and are able to accept negativity as part and parcel of life

People with these traits are not only key to a project’s success, they can also help others stay positive under pressure, and keep their own performance up to standard.

This is much like an athlete. Even if one has great skills, if they are not able to withstand the pressure of an event such as Olympics, they would be absolutely crushed. As leaders, we need to have the RQ to stay calm even under pressure.

Afterall, the only goal is success. But even if we fail, it is important to stay graceful, and maintain a good reputation in the eyes of our client, our employees and our competitors. Take the lessons from your failure, and work to improve.

The Resilience Quotient has proven useful to me throughout my years in the business world. I believe it is equally important regardless of your field and industry.

Stay positive, stay resilient.









这样的心态,我们成为“RQ”(Resilience Quotient)意指”韧性心理”,RQ心态是德国心理学家也是德国运动员咨询师丹尼斯.穆蓝纳(Denis Mourlane)所提出,RQ不仅让德国运动员在各个运动项目中所向披靡给,欧美许多企业更是邀请心理咨询师前来为员工进行韧性心理培训,希望能激发员工强大的心理素质。





就像运动员,纵使技巧与体能再棒,若没有强大的抗压心态,在关键时刻总会显得缺乏自信。而作为领导人以一样,在面对强大竞争者时,我们要沉着,不能老是想着对方的长处有多强自己的团队的弱势之处,绝对不要灭自己之气,涨他人威风 !






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