Seize the opportunities. Never say never! 别总说不可能,机会来了,就好好把握!

赖彩云 Jessy Lai Chai Yu—opportunities

Seize the opportunities. Never say never!

When opportunity comes knocking, do you say no immediately? Do you suffer in dilemma and not know what to do? Drawing the fine line between yes and no is a common problem that many working people have.
Many people are used to saying “no”, “I can’t do this”, “That’s impossible”.

When opportunities to shine land on their desks, they tend to just shy away and say no. If you are one of these people, let me show you another perspective: your bosses are giving you the task because they think you can do it. If even they are not worried about your capabilities, why should you worry?

That was my mantra when I was still working under other people’s supervision.

Of course, it is understandable that one feels uncomfortable when entering new territories. We would feel lost, afraid, and insecure.

I would not even try to lie and tell you that things would turn out to be fine as long as you believe in yourself. No. Troubles will come your way and sometimes you will have to manouvre storms that scares the life out of you.
I will, however, assure you that all of that is but temporary.

In fact, feeling afraid is a good thing!

It means you are stepping out of your comfot zone, expanding your horizons and improving as a person. It means you have a sense of responsibility and the intention to not fail.

Therefore, face your fears. Don’t run. Trust me, as long as you overcome your fears, you will realise that you have made the right decision.

Most importantly, realise that many things that you fear are mostly not worth fearing about. You are only nervous because you imagine certain new tasks to be beyong your ability, when they are actually not.

I have also realised that people fear when they subconsciously magnify their own weakness. They forget about their strengths, and how capable they are.

But think about this: the people who chose you saw your capabilities instead of weakness!

Stop being afraid. When lady luck comes knocking, be ready. Seize the opportunity to take on a challenge and shine. You can do it!


对于来到跟前的机会,你会第一时间把握还是say no?在职场上,这是一个许多人都会面对的问题——要与不要。

有一些人的口头禅是Impossible,老板交代的重任,他们几乎都说“不可能”、“我做不到”、“我能力不足”,于是对于来到面前的机会,采取的是直接拒绝的态度。若你也是这样一个时常say no的人,我想给你另一个思考的方向:你的老板就是认为你有能力才给机会你,他都不担心了,你还有什么好担心的?











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