Sharing economy 3.0 ,a truly subversive economic era

Until now, the development of the sharing economy is mainly aimed at consumer markets. If businesses driven by mobile networks, like ride sharing service, is considered part of sharing economy 1.0, then the sharing of bicycles based on basic Internet of Things (IoT) + mobile payment technology would be part of sharing economy 2.0. Experts also agree sharing economy 3.0 will be driven by intelligent manufacturing, big data, and the internet; a truly subversive economic era.

目前为止,共享经济这一概念主要是针对于消费者市场,若将打车服务等主要由行动网路驱动的商业模式称为共享经济1.0 时代,而共享单车这类由浅层物联网技术+移动支付技术驱动的商业模式为共享经济2.0 时代,而专家也一致认为,由智能制造、大数据、网路驱动的共享制造则被称为共享经济3.0 时代,这也是一个非常颠覆性的经济时代。