SOFO supprt Mobile Payment at certain airports in China

Had a fruitful 3 hours discussion with the CEO and COO of SOFO about the company’s business expansion plan, product line-up and also finalizing the details of SOFO Massage Chairs placement at the some of the airports in China. Those massage chair will support Mobile Payment which is something that’s never been done before. Looking Forward !

今天下午,我与索弗的首席执行官以及首席运营官进行了3小时马拉松式会议。席间,我们就索弗未来的营业方针热烈讨论公司的业务拓展计划、 产品线以及索弗按摩椅在中国部分机场装置的相关细节。 索弗按摩椅将采用移动支付作为付费方式,敬请期待接下来集团与索弗的最新动向!