Spirit of Good Friday is meaningful!

Good Friday is one of the most important days for Christians. It’s also known as “Black Friday” or the day of Jesus’ suffering. On this day, Christians commemorate the sufferings of Jesus on the cross. Many western countries and jurisdictions declare it a public holiday, including 12 states in the US.

With time, this religious celebration has slowly evolved into a shopping season; businesses clamour to have sales and promotions during Good Friday.

While this doesn’t happen in our country, Christians still commemorate the sufferings of Jesus on the cross. As a Christian, I plan to head to church on this special day. Jesus’s sacrifice has brought salvation to mankind, and that’s the spirit of giving that I hold dear.

今天是基督徒最重视的节日Good Friday,基督徒也称之为称黑色星期五(Black Friday)、或耶稣受难日,基督徒将会在这一天纪念主耶稣基督被钉死的苦难。在西方基督教世界中,许多国家都将此日订为公共节日,其中也包括美国的12个州。

随着时代的变迁,在国外,Good Friday甚至演变成疯狂购物节,各商家都会在这一天推出商品优惠。