Stressed mind finds it hard to solve problems

I believe everyone is bound to meet the following scenario:

A problem occurs. We wrack our brains, spend tireless nights only to arrive at no meaningful conclusion, and stress starts piling up.

What should you do in this circumstance?

Founder of Ford Motor Company Henry Ford says that every time he is faced with problems, he will set it aside, and go play poker with his friends. After an hour, he takes another crack at the problem, and immediately the solution presents itself.

As for me, I like to go for a walk when I’m stressed. Take a look at the skies.

Looking up, I realise how insignificant I am, and how insignificant my problems are. Within moments, I have decided to face the toughest situations with a calm heart.

So when you’re stressed, try taking a walk! It might just deliver unexpected results.

What you should do now is to let go of your problems, and relax. Go for a walk, or spend time resting. Let your brain rest, because a stressed mind finds it hard to solve problems.




汽车大王亨利‧福特(Henry Ford)每次遭遇难题,苦思不得其解,就会暂时抛开问题,离开办公室去和朋友们玩扑克牌。大约一小时后,牌局结束,他再去想那个难题,直觉出现,正确的答案立刻浮现脑际。