Thank you for an amazing 2017!

While casually flipping the calendar on my desk the other day, I was shocked to 2017 is coming to an end soon, but I can’t help but feel that the 2017 Chinese New Year was just yesterday. How time flies!

We have achieved so much this year. 2017 is a year of harvest—we’ve tasted the result of our hard work!

But at the same time, 2017 has also been a treacherous year for Monspace, as we weathered countless defamation and attacks.

Those who were once close to you now choose to stab you in the back—not once, but three consecutive times. While you try to nurse your bleeding wound, the world shows no mercy as they mock, question, and defame you.

That is the kind of pain I have truly tasted in 2017.

But so what?

Ancient wisdom has it: you only know your true friends when you’re in trouble. When I was defamed and criticised, I learned how our friends and members so willingly showed their support. Amidst the endless mockery and defamation, I hear them cheering me on, and that’s what keeps me going: “Jessy, we’re with you!”

Yes, I’ve weathered the storm, and I will continue moving forward. I wrote this to you, just to share my thoughts about the year.

If I could describe Monspace in 2017 in three words, it would be: wealth, love, faithfulness.

“Wealth” isn’t just about the amount of profit we’ve made. More importantly, it shows that the company is expanding, bringing stability and a better life to our partners and staff. It once again proves to our users that your support all these while were worth it!

In 2017, we expanded into Hong Kong, China, South Korea, Indonesia, Philippines, the UK, Algeria, and the East Caribbean.

We set up offices in Indonesia, Vietnam, and England in preparation to enter international markets.
The highlight this year is of course, the launch of the MSD. It is one of our most important projects since the company’s founding. It symbolises our progress, and is the evidence of our determination and hard work!

As for “love”, it’s about Monspace’s motto: life inspiring life.

In 2017, we put a lot of emphasis into healthcare—we launched a massage chair, natural skincare, set up the MS New Symphony Exercise Clinic, hosted blood donation drives, organ donation drives and more.

We also expressed concern about humanitarian issues, having visited the Rohingya refugee camps, helped build a school in St. Vincent, East Caribbean, donated ambulances to St. John Ambulance Malaysia and more. We hope that through our acts of kindness, more people will be inspired to build a more loving and caring society.

But beyond the kind of love found in charitable acts, what moved me even more is the kind that comes with the faithfulness of a friend.

In 2017, Monspace had three reputation crises.

On 22 May 2017, 19 Chinese nationals led by MP Mr. Lim protested at the Monspace headquarters, claiming that we committed fraud.

On 15 June 2017, 71 Chinese nationals by MP Mr. Lim again geld a protest at the headquarters, claiming Monspace swindled their investment.

On 13 September 2017, we had another case of Chinese nationals making police reports by MP Mr Lim, claiming that Monspace committed fraud.

The media quickly took up the claims, sensationalised them without responsible fact-checking, and painted Monspace as a fraudulent sham.

I had enough of playing nice, so I sought to clear my name and the company’s through legal recourse.

In my most difficult times, its the members who stayed with us. You showed your faith and support in us, and gave us the strength to move on.

You showed me the joy of being understood, and warmed my heart with your selfless love. I truly experienced what it means to find real friends in times of troubles.

I want to take this opportunity to tell all those who support me: thank you. The only way Monspace can repay your kindness is by continuously progressing, and keep going stronger.

Its been three years since we embarked on this journey together. Just like what we said at the 3rd anniversary celebration: there is a long way ahead of us. Our achievements in 2017 are but a beginning—even if we stumble and fall, we will keep our chins up, and look forward to a better tomorrow.

Thank you for an amazing 2017.

2018, here we come!