Thank You Edu Assist Foundation For The iMIL£ENNIUM Leadership Award

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Thank You Edu Assist Foundation For The iMIL£ENNIUM Leadership Award

The business world makes no space for those who don’t innovate and move with the times. My conviction is to be ever in-touch with current trends and progress—and I urge my team to work at the same pace. Constant innovation is challenging, but my conviction has always managed to tide me through tough times.

Since its founding in 2014, Mon Space has grown to more than 7.1 million members. It is not easy leading a group as big as such. Conventional business models are no longer effective. That is why I tell my team that we need to constantly pursue the tides of time and lead with the most effective way possible, even if it means constantly changing and innovating.

I also know that challenging how businesses currently operate will invite lots of opinions, even harsh ones. To naysayers, I wish you know that nothing you say will waiver my passion.

My new business model has not only lead Mon Space to new heights, I am also given the iMIL£ENNIUM Leadership Award by Edu Assist Foundation Malaysia, specifically in the Movers and Shakers category.

iMIL£ENNIUM Leadership Award is an award that is widely recognised, and its committee is formed by a host of excellent educators and corporate leaders. The criteria in selecting recipient of the award is extremely stringent. It places emphasis on the recipient’s contribution to their relevant field, and is done by a panel of esteemed judges. The award is also recognised by the Australian VET Skills Academy (AVETSA™).

I want to thank Edu Assist Foundation for the recognition, and I promise to continue marching forward with my spirits high, hopefully inspiring more innovation in the corporate world.

感谢Edu Assist Foundation颁发“企业创新推动”领导奖项




我的创新经营模式除了让集团迈向新的里程碑之外,也获得国内最具公信力与专业之一的领导者奖项的肯定——我很荣幸获得由Edu Assist Foundation Malaysia所颁发的iMIL£ENNIUM “最佳企业创新推动”(Movers & Shakers)奖项。

iMIL£ENNIUM领导奖是由马来西亚Edu Assist Foundation所创办的一项具公信力的奖项,基金会的会员皆由一群杰出的教育家和优秀的企业领导者所组成。

同时,iMIL£ENNIUM领导奖的甄选标准严苛,基金会注重该领导者在其领域拥有杰出表现以及贡献,而甄选委员会则由国际权威陪审团组成。另外,iMIL£ENNIUM也获得澳大利亚职业教育与培训体系(AVETSA™) 的认可。

我想借此机会感激Edu Assist Foundation颁发这个奖项给我,我承诺将会扮演好创新启迪领导的角色,继续推动企业界的变革,让本地企业能在全球市场中展现本地品牌的特色并且起带头领军的作用。

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