Thank You for Making Monspace Group’s 3th Anniversary Carnival a Success!Monspace集团三周年庆典圆满结束

After two days of celebration, it’s still hard to believe that MONSPACE has turned 3 years old.

The team and I have been swamped with work trying to ensure that this celebration is a success. Every day, we had endless phone calls and meetings to complete.

Though the celebration lasts only 2 days, we spent months preparing. On top of many late nights, coffee, and going through stacks of thick corporate records, we also had to travel overseas frequently. It was really tiring.

Nevertheless, it felt incredibly satisfying—all the hard work was worth it when I saw the celebration being a smashing success.

We had many display booths at the event to introduce the company’s products to members. The crowd at the booths seemed to not have ceased throughout the night. I was delighted to see that members were interested, while the company staff did a great job introducing the products.

This year, we arranged a series of exciting performances, including artists such as Richie Chen, Della Wu (Ding Dang), and Maria Cordero. They not only stirred up the crowd in excitement, they also made me feel incredibly thrilled.

Every programme throughout the two nights was a delight to me. Forgive me for not recounting how each event made me feel, but I can safely say that these two days will go down as one of my best and most precious memories.

What moved me the most was that the MSD cryptocurrency, which the team has worked tirelessly day and night for, is finally introduced to the public on this memorable day. All the flights back and forth London, all the meetings, and all the sleepless nights became worth it the moment MSD was launched. All the hard work, sweat and tears are but a small price to pay for a great dream. That is my unmoving conviction.

I was also especially filled with gratitude when they started singing the song “The Journey” at the end. My heart was filled with gratitude and emotions, because the lyrics accurately depict the journey of MONSPACE in the past 3 years. We had good times and bad times, but we stuck together, we stayed brave, we were stubborn and we persisted in the face of difficulties for what we believed in. We believe it only gets better from now on!

Most importantly, we were never alone. We always had our strongest supporters—the members accompanying us every step of the way. Because of you, we will march on regardless of the challenges.

Three years later, we’ve come a long way. Yet we are still young and have a long way to go. We might make mistakes in our youth, but that’s fine. Our strength lies in our courage of taking on failures, standing up after our falls, and finding our way back after being lost. Failure is the fertiliser for success; so trust us, we will only be stronger.

“Life Inspiring Life”, that’s the motto when I founded MONSPACE. It will continue to be my motto in leading the company to move forward, benefit the society, and change the world.

Thank you for the blissful weekend. Thank you!