The 10 Mindsets of A True Winner 思想决定一切!10种获得成功的致胜思维

赖彩云 Jessy Lai Chai Yun-The 10 Mindsets of A True Winner
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We are living in a good time for young entrepreneurs—it has become increasingly common to see people in their 20’s becoming CEOs. This a great thing. New blood gives vitality to the corporate world, inspires innovative thinking, and challenges conventional norms.

Nevertheless, although young entrepreneurs bring creativity and energy, they are still lacking in experience. I would like to offer my two cents for these people: for you to achieve success in the business world, you need to have the mindset of a winner. Your thoughts and your attitude determine your future.

Founder of Virgin Group Richard Bransons and Founder of NBA Dallas Mavericks and Microsolutions Group Mark Cubans are successful largely because of they way they think.

I conviction is that thought changes everything. A person’s thinking determines his failure or success. American Author and Business Consultant Steve Tobak wrote an article on Entrepreneur about this, and it seems like his viewpoint coincides with mine perfectly.  Steve argued that thinking modes are the first step to success, and it needs to be followed up with long-term efforts. Relationships are more important than self-discovery, experience is more important than good ideas, and practical work is better than sheer dreams and expectations.

Today, I am sharing with you 10 keys to the having a winning mindset.

1. If I am not the best, someone else must be

Many would say that passion is important, and we need to love what we do; but too often we forget that passion is only the first step to success. To be a real winner, you need to have more than passion. You need to have higher goals, and merely “good” should never satisfy you. You need to strive for excellence.<

2. Success is a marathon, not a sprint

The road to success is just like a marathon. Every one of us would have experienced a short sprint—like when we are preparing for an exam. Success is not as simple as that. Sprints might give you short, temporary success, but the real winners do life like a marathon. You need to persevere the entire journey. Dear readers, success is a lifelong game. Do not slack, do not be complacent, keep pushing on until you get to where you want to be.

 3.It is important to listen to advice; but you need to believe in your own choice.

Success is when you can make good decisions, and good decisions often come with courage. We can be open and listen to people’s opinion, but do not expect others to tell you what to do. Have your own perspective, and trust in your own choice. Long term dependency on others input will make you lose focus and creativity. Everyone else’s input is based on their own experience, but you need to make your own bold decisions based on what you know. Do not doubt yourself—faith is an important part in making a winner!

4.People want honest opinions, and not just nice words

We all know that the best advice can sometimes be uncomfortable to hear. How many of us are willing to listen to criticism? Too often we sugarcoat our words, and while people might believe us at first, this will not help you achieve success in the long run. Receiving honest and constructive criticism is the only way to help us improve.

5. No matter how great they are, ideas are dead if not put into action

I think good ideas are like shooting stars. If you do not hold on to them, they will disappear and be gone forever. If you pay attention, many great entrepreneurs immediately put their ideas into action, as long as they think the idea is worth trying out. The difference between winners and everyone else, is that winners turn ideas into action.

6.When everyone is doing the same thing, you need to do the opposite.

Every entrepreneur is looking for business opportunities, and too often we all see the same things, and flock to grab the same success. If you too decide to do something because it is popular, while you might not fail, you will definitely not be the most successful one. Steve thinks that if you do the same as everyone else, you will at most be just like everyone else.

7. Instead of being a follower, I want to be a leader

Steve believes that there can only be one leader in any team. You can choose whether you want to lead, but if you goal is to be a real winner, you need to stand out from the crowd and be the leader. This is my conviction. Only leaders are able to maximise the talents of others, and use it to fulfil the dream plan that you have.

 8. Remember, clients are not interested in anything else but a solution

Your services or products are able to sell because they help solve problems for your clients. This is the most intriguing part about market studies. I always uphold a formula in dealing with customer demands: problem + solution = success. To be a real winner, problem solving abilities is of utmost importance.

9. Never be satisfied with your current success

Mark McCormack proposed a great concept in his book What They Don’t Teach You at Harvard Business School: “Most successful people are not satisfied with what they already have. The biggest enemy of success is yourself.

This phrase is now my motto–to never be complacent, and never to slack.

 10. Be bold in facing your mistakes

I have had my fair share of mistakes in my career path. But I am proud to say that I have never thought of giving up. Failure is not shameful, but an opportunity to help us learn. I have also learned to never repeat the same mistake, and that the end goal in any failure is to get over it and move closer to success.

All of the above is a distillation of the things I have learned over the years. If you are new to the corporate world, I hope this has been inspiring. Of course, if you have opinions to share with me, feel free to do so![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column column_padding=”no-extra-padding” column_padding_position=”all” background_color_opacity=”1″ background_hover_color_opacity=”1″ width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]思想决定一切!10种获得成功的致胜思维



就像维珍集团的创办人理查德.布兰森(Richard Bransons)以及NBA球队达拉斯小牛队、MicroSolutions集团创办人马克..库班(Mark Cubans),他们能成功绝对与他们的思维模式息息相关。

一直以来我都坚信,思想改变一切,一个人思维模式绝对能决定他的是成或败,美国知名作家与商业顾问史蒂夫.托鲍克(Steve Tobak)在商业杂志《Entrepreneur》撰文分享他对成功思维的一些想法,而他的思想正好也与我不谋而合!史蒂夫认为,思维方式只是开启成功的第一步,而成功是一种长期的行为建立,比起倾听自我能力更重要;建立关系远比了解自己更重要;经验执行比好的点子更重要;动手开始做比总在幻想来得更实际




2. 成功是一场马拉松,不是短跑

用马拉松来形容成功绝对是在适合不过了。其实每个人都曾经过短跑冲刺,好比说我们为了考上大学而全力以赴准备考试,但成功绝绝非这么简单,短跑冲刺或许能让你获得短暂的胜利,但要得到永续性的成功则是必须如马拉松一样,你必须得全程坚持达到目标,一旦中途放弃,之前的努力前功尽弃。各位,成功是一个终身的游戏(success is a lifelong game),切忌怠惰,坚持到底才是成功的关键密码。





5. 点子再好,若不付诸行动形同作废




7. 与其当追随者,我却要当领导者






想与各位分享马克.麦考梅克麥考梅克(Mark McCormack) 的著作《在哈佛商学院学不到的》(What They Don’t Teach You at Harvard Business School)里头有一个非常棒的概念:“大多数的顶尖成功人士,从未对现有的成功感到满足,因为成功最大的敌人就是自己。”






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