The 2nd World Conference on Exercise Medicine (WCEM)

The 2nd World Conference on Exercise Medicine (WCEM) invited more than 700 medical experts from over 33 countries to attend the conference, discussing 60 key health issues.

This year, a wide breadth of topics are covered, including: Breastfeeding & NCD Prevention, Exercise & Behavioural Changes, Exercise & the Elderly, Exercise & Endocrinology.

Medical experts attending this conference are coming in from Switzerland, Slovakia, Taiwan, England, the US, Philippines, Syria, Ukraine, Singapore, Japan, Korea and more.

Everyone has the right to enjoy a healthy life. By working together, we believe we can address the main causes of NCDs, removing the biggest obstacles to global health. We look to medical experts to come up with new ways of combatting health issues, paving the way for innovative, bold and practical solutions to step up the prevention of NCDs.


今年的研究课题可谓百花齐放,当中包括“母乳与预防非传染性疾病”、“运动与行为变化”、“运动与长者健康”、 “运动与内分泌学”等。


每人都有权享有健康生活,在大家的紧密合作下,我相信我们可以击败非传染性疾病的驱动因素,消除这些对全球健康的重大障碍。衷心期望医学权威能竭尽所能协助制定新的方法,展示如何消除健康障碍,并提出新颖、大胆和实际的行动,扩大非传染性疾病防治工作,让人们能免于受非传染性疾病的威胁 。