The story had a beautiful ending: the rich man decided not to buy the piece of land….

Recently I saw an interesting ad about a rich man who wants to buy a prime piece of land, situated in the middle of a busy city. He visited a 20-year-old restaurant on the piece of land, asking the owner to sell her plot to him.

Patrons of the restaurant are everyday citizens: delivery worker, students, and small families. The food here is fresh and affordable. The restaurant even offers free side dishes. The rich man had a meal here that cost him only 35 Thai Bhat—what an unprofitable business model, he thought. However, the restaurant owner showed him that money can buy many things, but not love and care.

The story had a beautiful ending: the rich man decided not to buy the piece of land, as he understood just how precious it is that people can get together and enjoy a happy moment in the restaurant.

I love this ad, as the message is similar to my philosophy. Instead of being calculative, I want to help others as much as possible. Kindness and love brings a warmth that money can’t buy.

In both my private and professional life, I insist on putting people first. As a business owner, I not only have to generate profit and fulfil my duty to shareholders; I also must be conscious about my duty to give back to society.

In my personal life, I am thankful for what society has allowed me to enjoy. Whenever possible, I want to help others in need, so this world can be filled with kindness and care.

There are no acts of kindness too small. As long as you have a sincere heart, any form of help is precious to those who receive it. Happiness can’t be measured by money, but you can enjoy it when your heart is in the right place.

I am often moved by unsung heroes among us, who contribute without expecting returns. People such as the restaurant owner in the ad, while not rich, who are willing to help others—they deserve all my respect.

I believe in “life inspiring life”. If we can all act in kindness, and spread love around us no matter how small the gesture, our society will be a much better place.


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“取自社会,回馈社会” ,在创办满星云时,给企业立下了这个宗旨,多年来,时刻鞭策自己,不忘初衷,秉持“助人为本”的精神,希望藉由一份互助的爱,让人与人之间的互动更真挚。