The Things Children Teach Me那些小孩教会我的事:无伪、真诚与快乐

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The Things Children Teach Me

I have had the privelege in the past to visit several orphanages, or children living with physical challenges. To many people, it might look like I am blessing these children by giving donation. To me, however, visiting these children is really more of a blessing to me. Every visit, I am reminded of how much more I can do for the society, and how lucky I am to be able to help others. More importantly, the smiles on the faces of these children never fails to warm my heart.

I thought it is appropriate for me to share some of the inspiration that these children have given me. They might not be lucky enough to have a family to care for them, but they sure know a thing or two about happiness and life. If you have never visited an orphanage, I urge you to do so. Perhaps you would be inspired and moved, just like I was.
Here are some of the things these children taught me:

Love is for all

Children love without boundaries. They help another up when they fall, they share their candies with someone who’s sad. When I visit the orphanages and give out gifts to the children, they never hesitate to share whatever they have with their friends. As little as these kids might have, they know the meaning of content, and they know that love and relationships mean much more than material goods. Don’t we adults have something to learn from these hearts of gold?

It takes very little to be happy

Grownups have high expectations from life. The more comfortable our lives become, the harder it is for us to feel impressed by the little things. In fact, many of us live in comfortable houses and drive fancy cars, yet still not feel happy. Children, on the other hand, are easily amused. A new song, a new game, some time out in the park or even something as simple as fried chicken can get their eyes to light up. When was the last time we felt happy over simple, everyday things as such?

Show emotions freely

I guess the Asian culture we grow up in has taught us that we cannot express our emotions. Even when we do show them, it has to be done in a contained, restricted way. Smile slightly, don’t laugh. Sad? Don’t show it for goodness sake. Children are not familiar yet with these restraints, and they show their emotions openly. If they feel happy, they laugh and clap. If they feel sad or scared, they cry. If they feel angry or annoyed, they sulk and make faces. Why do we spend so much effort measuring our emotional expressions and telling ourselves to restrain? Why can’t we be free with each other?

It’s okay to have fun

It’s okay to act silly once in a while. Singing along to a song on the radio is fun. Pulling a prank on your colleague is fun. Driving one hour just to have food you’re craving is fun. While it is important to be proffesional in your work and be responsbile in life, a little bit of fun once in a while hurts no one. In fact, it could add colours and joy to your life like never before. Observe a child having fun, and you would understand what I mean.

Do you have children at home? When was the last time you had fun or observed children having fun? If you are feeling stresed out, discouraged or disappointed with people, soend some time with children. Visit an orphanage. You could bring some happiness to them, and they would do magical things for your soul.

















人要懂得“work hard ,play hard”的道理,就像小孩一样,毫无拘束的玩乐,你会发现人生不再空乏,而是充满着乐趣!


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