The traditional Chinese wedding dress (Qun Kua) fashion show

The traditional Chinese wedding dress (Qun Kua), also known as the Dragon and Phoenix Gown, was an artistry popular among royalties during the Qing Dynasty, and eventually adopted by the common people.

The Qun Gua is the most expensive wedding gift given by the bride’s family to her. Usually, it’s passed down from generation to generation, carrying with it the blessings of women through the decades. It even symbolises the family’s status, so a good gown on the wedding day is an absolute must.

I love the Chinese word for ‘inheritance’. It means to pass on and to receive, from generation to generation. In a world that is increasingly westernised, many Chinese people have lost understanding of their own culture. This is the same for the Qun Gua. If not for the recent trend of celebrities wearing them for their weddings, the dress might have been lost in the archives of history as well.

MONCAS combines traditional craft with modern aesthetics to preserve the authenticity of the collection. Every piece is a piece of art from the fingertips of its creator.

I hope the audience learned a thing or two about the cultural value of Qun Gua after the showcase. Traditional costumes are cornerstones of our culture, and needs to be preserved by the new generations!



我很喜欢’传承’ 这个两个字,传就是转授,承就是继承,世代相传,传承很重要,尤其在这个渐渐西化的世界,很多华人其实已经不了解传统的意义,就好像裙褂一样,要不是近年来许多明星都选择穿裙褂出嫁,我想,裙褂文化或许会失传。