Today does not define success. Tomorrow does 人生的成败输赢,不在当下而在未来!

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Today does not define success. Tomorrow does.

When you’ve lived about half of your life, you get some deep revelations once in a while. One of these revelations that hit me hardest is that success and failure should not be defined by a moment.

Losses and gains are part and parcel of life, and it pretty much defines all of our happiness and sorrows.

I once heard a story about two men. One was great in academics, exceedingly intelligent and even got a scholarship to study overseas. He graduated with a masters, and got a great job overseas. Most people would consider this person a “success”.

There is another man who was less financially well off. So he had to study locally, and work here as well. Many people think its a shame that intelligent people lose the opportunity to go abroad. Most believe that if you get a chance to leave this country, you should jump at it.

To some, success is just about fulfilling the world’s definition of it: going overseas, study in an ivy league school, make lots of money.

In the end, its just about fame, money and power.

But life is such a long journey, and we really shouldn’t jump to conclusions about its purpose and value.

The poor man was painfully aware of his circumstance and financial limitations, so he works hard toward his goals. It may not grant him quick success, but because he pushed on and worked hard, he became a director of a multinational company. Eventually he started his own business, and did very well.

The academician who studied in America didn’t do so well. Success came to him too quickly and too easily, he never really thought hard about what he wants. Eventually, he lost himself, and even lost his job. Does success look like this?

Can we really judge the value of someone’s life and works by how much money he makes? I would say that is a very shallow perspective.

After so many years in the business world, I have one conclusion. Success is not just about money or power. It is about perseverance, and your ability to stand firm on your principles.

To me, a successful person understands what he or she wants, and knows how to get there. They also know the law of give and takes.

Know what are valuable to you, and work hard for those things. Leave everything else behind.

Losing sometimes does not mean you are lesser than others. It might just mean you know what you want and are picking your battles. This is wisdom. Sometimes you got to give up some things to get the others.

Winning does not mean you are done. It does not look like a man standing on a mount of cash. I think it looks like a sincere heart, and a happy, fulfilling existence.

This story is a great inspiration for those in the business world. The pursuit of life is to self-actualise. Only then, will you feel genuine success. Fast tracks aren’t always the best option.
Remember that.


















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