Voice your opinion

When an enterprise creates a culture where employees are free to voice their opinions, they can expect to improve by leaps and bounds. This is an enterprise that is forward thinking and prioritises innovation, that’s why they encourage a free flow of opinions. This inadvertently motivates their employees, showing that they are respected, and their opinions are valued ultimately creating a sense of loyalty towards the company.

一家企业,若建立了让员工敢于说真话、敢于发表的文化,这家企业将会迈向进步 。因为这家企业是思维超前的公司,追求的是创新,所以十分愿意采纳意见,某程度上鼓励了员工更热爱自己的工作。再者,一家企业若推行“敢言”的文化,员工会觉得自己是被尊重,自己的意见有被听见,无形间也鼓舞了员工对企业的向心力。