We Have Not Appointed Any Party Represent to Koperasi Monspace Berhad to Sell CompanyShares

It has come to our attention in relation to MONSPACE have been published and spread on instant messaging apps and social media. We wish to notice the public that said articles were published without any authorisation from MONSPACE.

MON SPACE NET is publicly listed o the OTCQB US board, not NASDAQ. We have not appointed any party to represent Koperasi Monspace Berhad to sell company shares.

We STRONGLY deny the content of the said article and shall not be held responsible for any consequences as a result of the said articles. We reserved our right to pursue legal remedies against any entity which publishes false or misleading information.

For the latest, accurate updates about MONSPACE, always visit our official website or email us at [email protected]


我们再次声明,MON SPACE NET是於美国场外交易市场中的中型交易市场(OTCQB)上市而非纳斯达克股票交易所(NASDAQ)上市,此外,我们亦从未释放许可权给任何一方代表Koperasi Monspace Berhad出售公司股票。


若您想知道关於集团的最新消息,请浏览我们的官方网站,或将您的疑问电邮至以下邮箱:[email protected]

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